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Join the campaign

Join the campaign

We are building a broad campaign of supporters willing to add their name, share information among their networks and peers, and to participate in awareness-raising about the perils of child labor in the United States, and the injustice perpetuated by failing to adequately protect children and young people in America.


If you are an academic or represent an organization which would like to be a member of the Campaign to End US Child Labor, please complete this form.  

If you are a concerned citizen who wishes to be part of the campaign, thank you for your support! Please take action with us here instead of completing this form, and you can choose to sign up to updates about the work of the campaign. Individuals not working in a field directly related to child labor will not be added as members of the campaign. 

Please tell us in which capacity you are joining the campaign
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If you're joining on behalf of an organization and would like your logo to be included on the campaign website and in materials, please upload it below as a PNG or JPG file (300 ppi).

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Thank you for joining the Campaign to End US Child Labor!

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